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About The-Word-Doctor

The-Word-Doctor Online, Developer's Version (aka: A fancy way of saying: Beta).

Owned, Created and Maintained by Benjamin Bowes.

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Getting Started


The-Word-Doctor wasn't designed to be another M.S. Word app. The world has enough apps to make your documents look good. The-Word-Doctor instead helps you create a document full of thought and insight. The interactive real-time word look-ups help provide a quick reference to speed up the process!

Once your document is complete, The-Word-Doctor identifies useful imagery and sentiment (mood) found within your text.

I spent years searching for a program that could do more than just format paragraphs, and make pretty fonts. I needed a writing app that could help me create a well-thought-out document, and also have the ability to analyze its' meanings and implications.

The-Word-Doctor isn't just an application that helps with Content Creation and Analysis, it helps you see a document from another perspective.

Document Statistics

T.W.D. provides useful document information such as:

Word Count

The most prominant word stats feature in any text editor, Word Count is used in more sophisticated functions used to determine number of vowels, Readability/Sentiment scorings, etc..

The Flesch Reading Ease "Readability" Formula

On a scale of 0-100 (0-Very confusing to read, 100-Easy to read), the score provides an indication of how difficult your text is to comprehend.

Time to Read

The formula used to estimate reading time is based on the average reading speed of 130 words/minute. So for example, if you have a page of 130 words, you would need 1 minute to read.

Sentiment Tagging

Sentiment scoring is based on positivley or negativley charged words. When the majority of words used in a phrase are positive, overall sentiment will be shown as having a positive outlook.

Using Google's chart API, The-Word-Doctor easily outputs sentiment data as an easy to read pie chart.

Document Analysis

Performs calculations neccesary to identify Part of Speech Use, Imagery, Writing Style, Frequency.

Word Frequency

Displays words in order of Appearance, and Frequency.

Writing Styles

I use the term in tandem with Types of Writing. Which are:
1. Expository. Teaches and informs.
2. Persuasive. A personal piece filled with bias and personal opinion.
3. Descriptive. Easily spotted by the excess of adjectives.
& 4. Narrative. Speaks directly to reader.


The-Word-Doctor is able to identify and display various imagery throughout virtually any text.

Random Text Generation Engine

The Random Text Gen. Engine is The-Word-Doctors' foremost feature when it comes to Content Creation!

Text Gen. Options:

1. Random Text: Creates a garbelled sentence of random words, each in varying sentence lengths.
2. Realistic Text: Not Yet Available. Currently working on assembling corpus data.
3. Random Idioms: Provides a random phrase or common expression.
4. Random Adjective: Provides a random adjective to spark your creativity.

Speech & Voice

Text to Speech is currently available in demo production.

Voice to Text is not yet available, but will be in a later working release.

There will be many Text to Speech / Voice to Text upgrades so stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled!

Have a question or issue with The-Word-Doctor? Check the F.A.Q.s!

Document Statistics



Document Analysis

Word Intensity Results:

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Overall Sentiment Data

Random Text Generation Engine

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