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Writers' Toolkit

The Writers' Toolkit isn't some kind of massive fancy think-tank-kind-of-thing. Instead, this is the place to be when you need a little push to reach your desired word counts, and writing goals.

The Rules:
  1. Grammar and Word Flow don't matter.
  2. Each new word means +1 towards your word count goal.
  3. Backspace and Delete is -2 points.
  4. Try and reach your goal, and Beat the Clock!

See Help>Getting Started>Toolkits for more information.

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About The-Word-Doctor

The-Word-Doctor Online, Developer's Version (aka: A fancy way of saying: Beta).

Owned, Created and Maintained by D. Benjamin Bowes.

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Getting Started


The-Word-Doctor wasn't designed to be another M.S. Word app. The world has enough apps to make your documents look good. The-Word-Doctor instead helps you create a document full of thought and insight. The interactive real-time word look-ups help provide a quick reference to speed up the process!

Once your document is complete, The-Word-Doctor identifies useful imagery and sentiment (mood) found within your text.

I spent years searching for a program that could do more than just format paragraphs, and make pretty fonts. I needed a writing app that could help me create a well-thought-out document, and also have the ability to analyze its' meanings and implications.

The-Word-Doctor isn't just an application that helps with Content Creation and Analysis, it helps you see a document from another perspective.

Have a question or issue with The-Word-Doctor? Check the F.A.Q.s!
Frequently Asked

The new home for The-Word-Doctor’s Q & A section. If something isn’t working as it should, I hope to answer your issues, questions, and concerns regarding The-Word-Doctor here.

If something just isn’t right, there are a couple of things that could have gone wrong. Here’s what to look for to keep performance up to par:

Issue #1: “Won’t load…”

You’re probably not using a compatible browser (ie: Internet Explorer). The-Word-Doctor has been tested and Working Verified on Chrome, and Mozilla FireFox.

Issue #2: “It just isn’t working…”

Got Java? The-Word-Doctor won’t operate without it. Period. Make sure Java is enabled in your browser. 99% of modern browsers are by default, Java enabled. For the elite 1%, you need to switch Java to ‘On’.

Issue #3: “It worked fine for a while…”

Stay Connected! The-Word-Doctor needs to remain online in order to stay connected with its’ external Java libraries, and resources.


This list is by no means exhaustive and will be updated as time goes on. Find a flaw or quirk? Let me know, so I can make The-Word-Doctor even better!

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