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The-Word-Doctor wasn't designed to be another M.S. Word app. The world has enough apps to make your documents look good. The-Word-Doctor instead helps you create a document full of thought and insight. The interactive real-time word look-ups help provide a quick reference to speed up the process!

Once your document is complete, The-Word-Doctor identifies useful imagery and sentiment (mood) found within your text.

I spent years searching for a program that could do more than just format paragraphs, and make pretty fonts. I needed a writing app that could help me create a well-thought-out document, and also have the ability to analyze its' meanings and implications.

The-Word-Doctor isn't just an application that helps with Content Creation and Analysis, it helps you see a document from another perspective.

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Talking About "Change"

An exercise in fearing change: Don’t fear it: expect, prepare for, and embrace it. In other words, it’s going to happen regardless our actions, so the only option should be to take advantage of it!

You only need one thing to change your life. Results can’t be expected instantly, but the effect is immediate. Adapting to expect change, is almost a kind of public-secret. If you decide you will no longer be a “victim” of circumstance, and would rather be an “instigator” of change: THAT, my friends, is the key to control. Control of your life, and control of your circumstances. Expect to take the initiative, and you can expect change, and with time you will have it.

Einstein was quoted saying: “an object in motion remains in motion”, the direction and magnitude, however, is dependant upon the original force exerted (ie: effort, perseverance) on the object. The intensity of any such belief has a direct impact on the results direction and magnitude: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t. You’re right.” (Henry Ford). Anyone can change their circumstances, and over time, real actual true belief in yourself and success lead you to expectation and preparation. And then, once time finally your efforts materialize into a physical form, shaping your current reality.

Many people (usually us common folk) regularly say that “success is just a coincidence, it can’t happen to us” and so we hide behind our mediocrity watching television shows produced by successful people, which are broadcast on televisions and cable lines owned by successful people. Einstein also said that “coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous”, but we have to help him along and pull our own weight. This is what initiative is for, finding success and shouting: “Wait for me!”. It listens, but we have to get off our butts and catch up to it first.

Some people say that the only two constants in life are death and taxes, but that’s not entirely true. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is widely known for his study of universal (as in, Universe) change, and the ingredients necessary to do so. He established the term Logos, referencing the order and knowledge of our cosmos saying: “All flows, nothing stays” or as you may have heard it: the Only Constant is Change. The quotation has also been translated as: “All entities move and nothing remains still”.

The Only Constant is Change… it’s taken me years to finally allow this simple truth to sink into my fat skull. My colluded sense of pride, and inane sense of: “I’ll get to it eventually, it’ll get better later…” allowed me to become the expert procrastinator (level 9000!) I see in the mirror every day, until now. Someone once told me that “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” And man is that true! Everyone has an aspect of their life that they wish could be improved upon. Maybe a job isn’t quite satisfactory, or the house you live in isn’t up to par, or even the people you (do or don’t) associate with leaves something to be desired. Is there any aspect or circumstance in your life that you just can’t stand, feign helplessness and then do nothing about it?

Several winters ago, I can still recall how my neighbor wasn’t a fan of where I had been shoveling my side of the snow (in between our laneways) and so one day, he popped outside for a howdy-do and told me of the story of the ant and the grasshopper.

*Story Time*

You see, the grasshopper was kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of fellow. He didn’t mesh too well with the busy-bodied ant who was all about the work, work, work. So boring. It was the grasshopper who got invited to all the parties, and grasshopper who was always recognized and waved to wherever he went. He never had to plan anything, he had everything he had ever wanted, in the present. Things get nasty when grasshopper’s supplies eventually start to dry up and he’s forced to crawl back to his old pal the ant. Ant was never invited or included in any outings or events, was never recognized and never catered to. And yet, the ant who kept his head down and delighted in his work, he was grasshopper’s last chance at survival.

I think that in writing this article, I’ve lead myself to the conclusion that there unless I have rich, famous or royal ancestry (none, drats!), success won’t be mine unless I go grab it myself. Guess I better get back to it now, and no more procrastinating!!


PS: I failed to see how the moral of planning for the future applied to snow shoveling, but Taking the Initiative is something we should all be accounted for. As a side note, I now shovel my snow into the park across the road!

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