is Conquering Writer’s Block Only Temporary?

Overcoming Writer’s Block, or Just a Temporary Win?

Is it just me that thinks maybe Writer’s Block is rather similar to the common flu? The writer’s arch-nemesis comes and goes but we never fully conquer it, do we?

Whenever I finally find myself sitting to write, I almost always hit the backspace nearly as much as I write forwards. And that’s how (for me anyway) Writer’s Block inevitably creeps into my brain and throws off my groove.

I sure wish that guard dude was my creativity throwing the old man “Writer’s Block” out the window!
I doubt I could pull that hat off though…

When the flow isn’t just written many of us, give up before we get started. The t.v. in the corner of the room catches our eye for just a moment and whoops! There goes another evening wasted.

Every distracted opportunity I get with Google starts with a variety of the following: “writer’s block, how to destroy writer’s block, creative writing…” The results of those are usually pretty similar and come up with a lot of great ideas. Every single time we cut Writer’s Block down at the knees (no matter our strategy) the one common denominator is consistency.

Whatever way we choose to fight the writer’s evil blockage, we stick with what we know and we try and maintain a consistency in how we do that. Personally, I enjoy the quiet, steady hum of the air purifier over my ferret’s (Mocha) cage in the corner of the room, and I can sit at the keyboard for hours. Others may enjoy the buzzing of a coffee shop to inspire their creative bones.

You’ll never fully be rid of the dreaded Writer’s Block flu virus, but you can fight it back. In order to consistently Overcome Writers Block, stick with what works for you, and do it Consistently!

I realize I used “consistently” twice there, I know! I’m consistent!

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Here are a few creative writing methods that work for me in dealing with Writer’s Block. And as an added bonus, you can do these exercises on your own or make a game of it with your friends and family.

  1. Freewriting.
    • Doesn’t sound like much, but freewriting is super powerful random writing. At first glance, it may look like verbal throw up when you’re done, but you’ll be sure to find some interesting ideas within all the random writing.
  2. Word Association.
    1. Pick a random word then, from there you (or the next person) write or speak the first word, term or concept that comes to mind, and so forth.
  3. Makes Me Think Of …
    1. The same as Word Association, except each following word, term, or concept must be somewhat mildly related.

Want to know more? Then you might like to take a peek at my MasterList book: Overcoming Writer’s Block: Writing and Doing it Well. It’s got some interesting pointers, ideas, wordlists, and writing prompts.

Thanks for Reading!

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