Talking About “Change”

An exercise in fearing change: Don’t fear it: expect, prepare for, and embrace it. In other words, it’s going to happen regardless our actions, so the only option should be to take advantage of it! You only need one thing to change your life. Results can’t be expected instantly, but the effect is immediate. Adapting […]

is Conquering Writer’s Block Only Temporary?

Overcoming Writer’s Block, or Just a Temporary Win? Is it just me that thinks maybe Writer’s Block is rather similar to the common flu? The writer’s arch-nemesis comes and goes but we never fully conquer it, do we? Whenever I finally find myself sitting to write, I almost always hit the backspace nearly as much […]

4 Easy Steps to Beat Writer’s Block

Ah Writer’s Block, we’ve all been there. An incredible idea thought or story just begging to be written, but with one teeny problem: How to turn that thought or concept into a polished, presentable product. Or maybe you’re staring barrel first into the hallowed abyss of the deadline firing squad. Whatever the case may be, […]

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