A study on the application of action-oriented teaching method in teaching mechanical drawing in secondary school

In terms of the actual teaching content of mechanical drawing, its professional practice can be highlighted in the teaching process because of its very strong course specialization. However, for students in secondary schools, the content of mechanical courses is boring and tedious, so in the process of learning, many students lack enthusiasm and interest in learning.

Therefore, when teaching mechanical drawing in secondary schools, we need to continuously innovate the teaching mode, enrich the teaching content and promote the development of teaching, only in this way can we accomplish the teaching goal with high quality and high efficiency.

1 Overview of action-oriented teaching method

This teaching mode can fully utilize students’ initiative and stimulate their interest and enthusiasm in learning. At the same time, because the action-oriented teaching method is organized in teams, students are required to work in groups to complete tasks, which can cultivate students’ collaboration, communication and interaction skills.

In addition, the action-oriented teaching method usually assigns comprehensive tasks, which involve a lot of subject knowledge, such as the application of mechanical fundamentals and computer-aided drafting when teaching mechanical drawing course knowledge.

In addition, through the application of action-oriented teaching method, students’ independent learning ability can be cultivated, which can provide students with more opportunities for independent inquiry and enable them to master more knowledge and content.

2 Current development of mechanical drawing teaching in Chinese institutions

In secondary schools, mechanical drawing is a relatively important professional foundation course, and improving students’ mechanical drawing ability is the teaching goal of this professional foundation course, and by cultivating students’ basic drawing ability, students can better adapt to the actual needs of work and the development of the times.

Therefore, in carrying out the relevant teaching in secondary schools, attention should be paid to the cultivation of students’ abilities in all aspects. However, from the actual situation, many teaching still adopt the traditional teaching mode, and it is difficult to achieve ideal teaching and learning purely by teachers’ narration because the relevant knowledge is extremely abstract.

In addition, this course is extremely practical, but many teachers only pay attention to the teaching of theory and ignore practical teaching, so it is difficult to guarantee the effectiveness of teaching, and it is very easy for students to produce a sense of tedium and boring.

Therefore, in the future teaching, teachers should follow the trend of the development of the times, apply multimedia technology more often and adopt action-oriented teaching method.

3 Application of action-oriented teaching method in teaching mechanical drawing in secondary school

3.1 Using action-oriented teaching method in drafting

At present, in secondary schools, there is a large level gap between students, and many students do not have a solid professional foundation, so it will play a certain role in hindering the teaching progress.

Therefore, in the whole process of mechanical drawing, in order to make the differences between students narrow, effective classroom guidance and professional drafting guidance should be implemented for students, and students can learn the drafting course with the help of memory mode, in which the drafting ability of students can be gradually improved.

In order to ensure the successful achievement of the teaching objectives, students need to strengthen their activities and communication with others, and encourage them to stimulate their own initiative and actively participate in action-oriented tasks, so as to promote their comprehensive development.

3.2 Action-oriented teaching in the whole learning process

In the whole process of mechanical drawing, students embody independent learning according to the instructions given by the teacher, which is action-oriented teaching. In the whole process of students’ learning, teachers play the role of action-oriented and guiding, so to ensure the smooth implementation of this teaching mode.

The teacher should create a harmonious and positive learning environment for the students, and then make a teaching plan with the teaching content and the students’ specific conditions. If students have strong learning ability, teaching should let students learn the difficult and key content of the course, in this process, teachers should teach students relevant independent learning methods, and pay attention to guidance, at the same time to expand students’ thinking, stimulate students’ thinking, and create more opportunities for students to learn independently, in order to facilitate the development of students in all aspects.

If students do not have a solid professional foundation, then teachers should pay attention to teaching students the basics, which will help learning to consolidate what they have learned. In addition, in order for each learning to grow and progress, teachers should find ways to make students understand and digest professional knowledge, and on this basis, gradually increase the learning difficulty of students, only in this way can ensure the effectiveness of teaching.

3.3 Improve students’ application ability in oriented teaching

When teaching mechanical drawing in secondary schools, teachers should pay attention to cultivating students’ ability to apply their knowledge. In practice, teachers need to do the following.

First: teachers need to grasp students’ knowledge level and knowledge ability in an all-round way, and on this basis, adjust the teaching progress and teaching content.

Second: teachers need to treat drafting design as the main content of the examination to ensure that they can effectively transform students’ basic knowledge and professional knowledge.

Third: in daily teaching, teachers should create more basis for students to practice drawing, and gradually improve their drawing ability; fourth: teachers should effectively guide students’ application ability, so that students can make full use of their professional knowledge, which can effectively ensure the efficient realization of action-oriented teaching objectives.

3.4 Improving students’ graphical skills in action-oriented teaching

First of all, teachers should let students form a full understanding of the importance of map reading, and assign students the corresponding map reading awareness.

Secondly, when the students are oriented to diagramming, teachers can make use of multimedia aids, for example, to demonstrate assembly diagrams and parts diagrams with the help of multimedia, which can bring students a more intuitive impression.

Finally, the study should be instructed to strengthen the study of diagramming, and gradually make their own recognition level and diagramming ability to improve, to ensure that they have gained in learning.

4 Conclusion

To sum up, in the process of teaching mechanical drawing in secondary school, teachers of mechanical drawing should fully reflect the main position of students in the classroom and give full play to their subjective initiative in the actual teaching, if they want to accomplish the goal of action-oriented teaching.

In addition, teachers should adopt appropriate teaching methods and modes to enrich the teaching content of mechanical drawing, so as to stimulate students’ enthusiasm and interest, make them focus on the classroom, and gradually improve their drawing ability, so as to lay a solid foundation for their future career development.

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