An introduction to the reform strategy of secondary school machinery teaching

  The teaching of mechanical courses in secondary vocational schools involves a wide range of knowledge, and is an important specialty in secondary schools, so it has received much attention in school teaching, which is the basis for training good professionals and establishing an applied talent team. Our country has always advocated the practical ability of students for professional applications, which is conducive to improving our comprehensive strength.

Improving the quality of teaching in secondary schools for mechanical professions will be an important part of determining the development of China’s machinery manufacturing. Combined with the current practice of China’s manufacturing industry, many enterprises have a shortage of mechanical personnel, therefore, cooperation between schools and enterprises is becoming more and more frequent, so that the joint is conducive to strengthening the training of mechanical personnel.

  1 Problems in the teaching of mechanical profession in secondary schools

  1.1 The teaching arrangement of the relevant courses of mechanical profession is not reasonable

  In the secondary school, the unreasonable arrangement of students’ mechanics-related courses is not conducive to improving the efficiency of students’ learning mechanics-related knowledge, and hinders the pace of reform of the overall teaching of mechanics. First of all, the secondary school in the mechanical profession related teaching materials selection, completely does not meet the current students’ actual learning ability, as well as the current fever mechanical practical operation ability.

  1.2 Mechanical professional teaching needs of the equipment is not complete

  The key to the mechanical profession is equipment, there is no sufficient equipment to talk about practical training. Mechanical practical training needs a lot of mechanical equipment, however, in many secondary schools, the original mechanical practical training equipment is old, and the number of equipment is not enough, the practical training courses are relatively old, the content is old-fashioned, which is not very helpful to cultivate practical training talents. According to relevant survey statistics, 70% of the middle? school’s mechanical professional teaching equipment are not complete, which will give professional students in the process of practical training, causing a lot of difficulties.

  1.3 Lack of teachers and old professional knowledge

  With the rapid development of modern technology, there is a serious shortage of mechanical teachers, especially those who have considerable theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in CNC. The key to whether secondary education can give full play to its important role is whether it can have a high quality teaching team.

At present, the most prominent problem affecting the quality of secondary education is the lack of professional teachers, especially the number of “dual-teacher” high-level teachers is too small, and the lagging development of “dual-teacher” teachers seriously hinders the teaching effect of mechanical profession. The special nature of secondary education directly determines that the training of teachers requires a serious lack of “dual-teacher” practical training teachers in vocational schools.

  At present, vocational education is in a period of great development, and the enrollment scale of each school is expanding rapidly. Due to the limitation of career establishment, and many teachers of professional courses are not willing to teach in workshops, the number of practical training teachers is far from meeting the needs of the rapid development of vocational education. To specialize, however, the training of specialization is exactly a big problem for secondary schools.

  2 Effective strategies to reform the teaching of secondary school machinery

  2.1 Scientific and reasonable arrangement of teaching courses related to mechanical profession

  In the secondary school, the scientific arrangement of the teaching courses related to the mechanical profession is conducive to the effectiveness of the reform of the secondary mechanical teaching. In order to scientifically arrange the teaching courses related to mechanical majors, so in mechanical teaching, it is most important to strengthen the training of basic courses, such as process manufacturing courses, equipment machinery courses, electrician and manufacturing machinery diagram courses, etc.

The learning of basic courses are all solid mechanical professional fundamental, which can well cultivate the quality of mechanical professionals, process manufacturing course can guide the professional process operation, equipment machinery course can theoretically let students understand the practical significance of well-equipped machinery, electrician and manufacturing machinery diagram course is relatively abstract like, understanding more difficult.

  2.2 Comprehensively improve the machinery and equipment needed for teaching

  In secondary schools, comprehensive improvement of the mechanical equipment needed for teaching is conducive to the effectiveness of the reform of secondary mechanical teaching. The mechanical profession emphasizes the combination of practice and theory, and good theoretical ideas guide students’ practical operations.

Learning mechanical expertise in the classroom needs to be applied to actual operations, so the environment and operating equipment for practical operations need to be well prepared. It is better to deal with the past broken mechanical equipment, while replacing it with a group of more advanced and closer to the modern enterprise use of equipment, so that students in the operation of new equipment, can save them after the enterprise to adapt to the learning time, can be more quickly into the work.

Increase the class time of practical training classes, to allow students to have enough time to do hands-on operation, to achieve the purpose of combining theory and practical training. Only to ensure the smooth use of equipment, in order to allow students to have enough time to practice, and really understand the meaning of the mechanical theory knowledge learned in the actual operation.

  2.3 Create a strong teaching team of teachers

  In the secondary school, to create a strong teaching team of teachers is conducive to the effectiveness of the reform of secondary school mechanical teaching. At present, in secondary schools, there is a lack of teachers in mechanical profession, which can be started from two aspects.

First, make full use of information technology to strengthen the construction of teachers.

Secondly, make full use of vocational training center to strengthen the construction of teachers.

Third, broaden the source channels of vocational teachers and recruit vocational professional teachers and practical training instructors for the society.

Fourth. It is to cooperate with enterprises to strengthen practical training and win-win benefits. Secondary colleges and universities can strengthen the cooperation with enterprises, not only can they let enterprise technicians come to school to guide students, but also can let some students go to enterprises for practical training inside.

In addition, recruit relevant technicians from off-campus enterprises as teachers to explain the contents and precautions of practical operation for mechanical students, and also to guide students on the problems they encounter in actual operation, and also to let other professional teachers of the institution learn the contents of practical operation together. This can create a strong teaching team of teachers and also enhance the strength of secondary schools.

  3 Conclusion

  The problems of teaching mechanical profession in secondary schools have general problems as well as detailed problems, so it will take some time to improve the teaching problems.

Under the situation that the demand for talents is multiplying, the requirements for the teaching of mechanical profession in secondary schools are also increasing. According to the current situation, the quality of teaching of mechanical profession in secondary schools in China still needs to be improved. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the curriculum content structure, practical equipment and teaching methods to effectively improve the teaching quality of mechanical profession in secondary schools.

It can be seen that only by timely analysis of the problems of teaching mechanical profession in secondary schools, finding reasonable and effective strategies, and carrying out efficient reform of teaching mechanical profession in secondary schools, can the mechanical profession in secondary schools in China cultivate more talents, and also lay the foundation for students’ future development to be better and better.

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