Four mistakes in chest muscle exercise, have you ever made them?

The following four mistakes are often made by many chest muscle enthusiasts. When you find that you also have these mistakes, you’d better correct them quickly, otherwise your exercise efficiency will only be lower and lower.

First, ignore the upper and lower chest exercise

Many people in the chest muscle exercise discount weight bench will only do one action, that is, the dumbbell flat press, or barbell press, these actions can only exercise to your chest muscle, can’t let the chest muscle get more comprehensive shape.

When we exercise, we should let ourselves join in the exercises for upper chest and lower chest, which can make your exercise more comprehensive.

For the chest exercises, we can use the oblique push to complete, can let oneself lie down on the chair, auxiliary equipment can be barbell, also can use dumbbell.

For the practice of lower chest, we can use the inclined way to exercise, auxiliary equipment is the same, can use dumbbell or barbell.

Second, the lack of centrifugal contraction

Centrifugation is really important. Don’t think that you don’t pay attention to centrifugation in the process of pushing. We have strict requirements for centrifugation when doing barbell horizontal pushing. If you don’t have enough centrifugal contraction, you can hardly get good practice effect.

So in the exercise, you still need to keep slow speed when you lower the movement. If you lower the speed, your chest muscles can increase the muscle sensitivity, which is very helpful for the exercise.

Centripetal you can be steady and fast, but centrifugation you have to slow and steady, improve the feeling of the chest muscle.

Third, the intensity of exercise is not enough

In the chest muscle exercise, there is also a very important point, that is, the intensity of exercise to break through regularly, do not let yourself in the same weight for a long time, this is not helpful for muscle growth.

When your intensity increases, you can get a higher intensity exercise experience, and the muscle can be promoted to another level.

Fourth, the posture of exercise is not accurate enough

It’s very important to keep the correct posture in exercise. Many fitness people always have posture problems in exercise. You should do your homework before exercise. Don’t exercise for a few days without knowing the correct movements. It’s very important to see more, learn more and think more, which can help you improve your exercise results quickly.

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