The principle and efficacy of RF skin care instrument

With the growth of age, our skin collagen gradually loss, metabolism also began to weaken, the body’s immune function as the decline, the skin will gradually become worse. The skin problem is everyone can not escape, can only be maintained and improved by the day after tomorrow’s maintenance. There are many ways to improve the skin, some people will choose RF skin care instrument, so that the skin constantly produce collagen, which can increase the thickness and density of the dermis.
As the human body tissue impedance from high to low order: skin, fat, bone, nerve tissue, muscle. Radiofrequency Cosmetology Instrument Based on the energy production of infrared thermal imaging, RF waves directly penetrate the skin, using RF wave when the skin’s impedance effect can also make cells and molecules produce intense resonant rotation (in the order of one million times per second) to generate heat, Thus achieving the goal of collagen tissue heating and fat cells, so that the skin immediately bottom of the temperature, through stimulating the generation of dermal collagen, immediately tighten the dermis collagen, stimulating collagen regeneration principle. So, what is the function and principle of RF skin care instrument?
Radiofrequency beauty instrument has the effect of lifting skin firming and wrinkling face lift, after the treatment of 2-6 months collagen will gradually hyperplasia, restructuring, Lifting and tightening of sagging or sagging skin, completely surpassing and replacing laser or IPL in many ways. RF technology in filling wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and luster, fat, slimming and other aspects have amazing results!
In the uninjured base of the skin, the activity of cell division is very slow. Once the skin is damaged, the basal cells of the epidermis, about 2mm around the wound, divide 40 times faster than normal. Cell division extends from the basal cell to the upward. Even a small scar is enough to stimulate accelerated cell division. Two chemicals produced by skin cells are responsible for this reaction: statin and collagenase.
RF cosmetology apparatus can produce chostatin in the upper epidermis and prevent basal cell division. When the upper layer dies, the elements that prevent the basal cell from dividing disappear, and the cell begins to divide in order to repair itself. As long as the skin can produce new collagen, epidermal collagenase is responsible for constructing immature collagen and regulating collagen formation. The wound produces collagenase.
RF skin care instrument is a very advanced equipment, can effectively help you improve skin problems, Many large beauty skin management agencies are equipped with rf radiofrequency beauty instrument, many people are through rf radio beauty instrument to let their skin problems have been resolved, so that they have an ideal skin.
RF skin care instrument can play the effect of smoothing wrinkles. RF skin care instrument is through the output of the wavelength irradiation on the skin, can stimulate the skin collagen regeneration, but also increase the number of cells, to smooth the skin effect, make the skin wrinkles disappear.
Comparison of Domestic and Medical RF Skin Care Instruments
At present, the RF equipment is mainly divided into two kinds, one is medical RF instrument, such as Thermagee, Therate, etc., the other is home use RF skin care instrument.
From the principle point of view, home use RF skin care instrument can be considered a medical RF instrument “low with version,” the biggest difference between the two is “energy.”
Compared with medical radiofrequency devices, radio-frequency beauty devices do not have high energy, so it does not hurt much to use. Of course, small energy also means that a single treatment effect is limited, need to adhere to scientific use for a long time to see the effect.
RF beauty meter energy is relatively small, their own home can also operate. And its shape is light, travel carrying is not a problem, busy can also let you easily achieve anti-aging freedom.
Although RF beauty instrument in general 2000 ~ 4000 yuan, but can be reused, and in the “convenience” is better, it can be used as a long-term anti-aging choice.
The use of radio-frequency beauty instrument matters needing attention
Above all, want to choose formal brand. At present, there are many brands of RF skin care instrument on the market, some of which have poor quality and unstable output power, so remind us to buy regular brand products.
Secondly, in strict accordance with the instructions of the use of methods. Pay particular attention to energy, technique and duration.
In addition, RF beauty meter is not for everyone.
It is recommended not to use if you are developing breakouts. Because acne will produce secretions, radiofrequency has certain damage to the skin, this time use easy to increase the risk of infection.
It is also recommended not to use if your skin is fragile, prone to redness and is in a very sensitive state.
Finally to sum up, RF skin care instrument for the dermis “anti-aging,” is effective.
If your skin is currently experiencing slight sagging and fine lines, but is on a budget at the moment, consider an RF beauty meter as a long-term anti-aging option.

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