Trial analysis of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation design principles and development trends

In an in-depth study of social development, it is understood that China’s machinery and equipment in various industries in China have a very wide range of involvement, in a comprehensive analysis of many mechanical equipment, it is understood that in China’s industrial manufacturing is most often used in mechanical design and manufacturing.

But the traditional machinery and equipment in the process of running their own efficiency and manufacturing products in the quality are very large deficiencies, in response to this situation requires the use of reasonable automation technology in the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment, the original machinery and equipment to effectively improve their own production efficiency, to promote the better development of China’s machinery manufacturing industry.

In addition, in the process of machinery and equipment transformation also need to effectively update the maintenance function of the machinery and equipment itself, so that in the process of machinery and equipment operation, the equipment can be effective maintenance and prevention of their own faults, in essence, to enhance the life of machinery and equipment in the design and manufacture.

1 Mechanical automation design principles

In the transformation of machinery and equipment, but also need to have a comprehensive understanding of the original structure of machinery and equipment, in this process of transformation can not only promote machinery and equipment in the transformation of their maximum role, but also effectively reduce the phenomenon of equipment loss in the process of transformation of machinery and equipment.

In addition, in the transformation of machinery and equipment, the requirement to combine the automation technology used in society now, to enhance the efficiency of the operation of machinery and equipment itself has a non-negligible role.

In the automation design of machinery and equipment also needs to be fully compliant with the transformation principles stipulated in society, so as to enhance the feasibility of automated machinery and equipment has a non-negligible role.

The following author on the need to adhere to the principles in the process of mechanical automation design for in-depth study, from the fundamental to promote mechanical automation transformation more smoothly.

1.1 Meet the needs of the equipment

Practice has proved that the main reason for the automation design of machinery and equipment is to improve the demand for machinery and equipment, to promote the better development of China’s machinery and equipment. In addition, in the in-depth study of machinery and equipment clearly found that the core functions of different products in a large part is determined by the design of machinery and equipment itself, and this design is completed in accordance with people’s needs for machinery and equipment for in-depth analysis.

Therefore, in the automation design of machinery and equipment, it is necessary to have a comprehensive grasp of the needs of users, which has a very important role in enhancing the availability of machinery and equipment.

1.2 Operation

For machinery and equipment, its main feature is to provide people with great convenience in the process of construction and product manufacturing, but in the study of traditional machinery and equipment found that traditional equipment also has the problem of weak operation, which not only increases the operational difficulty of machinery and equipment, but also the convenience of mechanical use can not be fully implemented. For the automation design of machinery and equipment, its operation and the convenience of product manufacturing have been greatly improved, and automation technology to connect machinery and equipment into a whole, to ensure that the function and convenience of operation to improve.

1.3 Improve product quality

The traditional manual operation not only can not play a role in ensuring the quality of the product, but also can not improve their own efficiency in the production of products. In the process of automation design of machinery and equipment, the production of products can run continuously within a certain period of time, effectively improving the operating efficiency of machinery and equipment.

In addition, the use of machinery and equipment to produce products, its own quality and accuracy have been greatly improved, that is, in the current implementation of mechanical automation design, can essentially meet the high efficiency and high quality of machinery and equipment to improve the overall. In the implementation of machinery and equipment automation design, but also to meet the production of the whole process control, effectively reduce the human input in the production process of the product.

1.4 Use of advanced technology

To fully improve the automation ability of machinery and equipment, it is also necessary to combine certain technical means in the automation design, so that the automation and intelligence of machinery and equipment are all reflected. The advanced technology mentioned here can be summarized as three aspects, and here the author discusses in detail for these three aspects.

First, before the automation design of machinery and equipment also need to have a comprehensive analysis of the original machinery and equipment structure and production product demand, and according to the original equipment structure to develop an effective automation design program.

Second, to ensure the full implementation of the automation design of machinery and equipment, it is also necessary to use information disposal machines, which can effectively summarize the corresponding data generated in the production of machinery and equipment through its own structure, and reflect the corresponding information files clearly to people.

Third, in the process of mechanical equipment operation also need to use certain energy substances, where it is necessary to design energy exchange machine, fundamentally ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

2 The development trend of mechanical automation

2.1 Miniaturization

The miniaturization of machinery manufacturing is one of the mainstream directions of future development, reducing the volume of products through micron technology and nanotechnology, reducing material costs and production costs, and improving the flexibility of equipment assembly and use. The application of nanotechnology, an advanced means of product manufacturing process, can significantly improve the accuracy and performance of products.

In addition, modularity is also a major development trend in machine automation, mainly used in production projects with complex structures and high installation difficulties. The variety of products shipped by the manufacturers, mechanical equipment standards are difficult to unify, the interface unit design is very important. Modular development can provide convenience for mechanical design and manufacturing, and promote the development of the whole industry, but also to enhance their market competitiveness.

2.2 Networking

Computer technology development so far, network technology is widely used in all walks of life, strengthen the application of Internet technology, promote the integration of machinery manufacturing automation technology and network technology is the inevitable requirement for the future development of the integration of mechanical and electrical equipment. With the support of network technology conditions, remote control technology and monitoring technology are used to control and manage the whole process of machinery manufacturing.

Remote control technology can control the production process of mechanical products, while the use of surveillance technology to manage the production process, so as to achieve the supervision and control of the whole process of mechanical production and manufacturing.

It can be seen that the combination of machinery manufacturing automation technology and network technology can fundamentally change people’s production methods, freeing workers from the production line and supervising the production line in the whole process through network information systems and monitoring systems.

2.3 Intelligent

The core of mechanical automation technology is practical applicability, and the development of automation technology should start from the actual needs and objective conditions of enterprises, with the ultimate goal of maximizing economic benefits by using automation technology.

Therefore, based on the development of network technology, mechanical automation technology to vigorously develop equipment intelligence, reform and innovation and development of traditional machinery manufacturing technology. Modern technology development is specifically reflected in the machinery manufacturing control system and control center, the use of physiology, psychology and operations research for artificial intelligence simulation, so that the system can achieve automatic programming and human-machine dialogue function, with intelligent technology to replace the human brain judgment, in order to improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making.

2.4 Opto-mechanical integration

Opto-mechanical integration refers to the integration of optical technology, computer technology and microelectronics technology, which can improve the added value of mechanical products and coordinate the development of sensing and detection technology, laser technology and optical energy drive technology.


The level of traditional mechanical design and manufacturing industry is still at the primary development stage, with defects of high work intensity, low production efficiency and low product quality. It is necessary to accelerate the automation process of mechanical manufacturing industry and improve the original equipment to be more efficient, energy-saving and multi-functional. The main development direction of mechanical automation is miniaturization, networking, intelligence and optical-mechanical integration, reform and development on the basis of the original mechanical automation, to contribute to the improvement of China’s machinery manufacturing level.

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