What is a gas generator set

Gas generators make full use of various natural gas or harmful gases as fuel, turn waste into treasure, operate safely and conveniently, have high cost-effectiveness, low emission pollution, and are suitable for combined heat and power generation. The market prospect is very broad.

my country’s natural gas resources are very rich. Compared with my country’s abundant natural gas reserves, the proportion of natural gas in my country’s primary energy consumption appears to be too small, and it has the potential to greatly increase in the future.

In my country, due to the impact of natural gas supply, natural gas power generation is still in its initial stage. It will take time for the truly large-scale High reliability 50HZ Cummins Diesel Generator by Manufacturer as a distributed energy station. Small-scale natural gas power generation is mainly in oil fields, gas fields, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc. It can be predicted that, as the supply of natural gas becomes more abundant and the scope of supply continues to expand, natural gas power generation will have a rapid development in recent years.

Introduction of gas generator set

Gas generating set is a new type of generating set developed to meet the requirements of world environmental protection and the new market environment. There are two main types of natural gas generator sets, one is a combined cycle gas turbine and the other is a gas internal combustion engine. Gas turbines have relatively large power and are mainly used in large and medium-sized power stations. Gas internal combustion engines have relatively low power and are mainly used in small distributed power stations. It is a new type of green and environmentally friendly power that replaces oil and coal-fired units.

Advantages of gas generator set

Gas generator sets have the advantages of wide output power range, high reliability in startup and operation, good power generation quality, light weight, small size, simple maintenance, and low low-frequency noise. Generally, they have the following four advantages:

1. Good power generation quality

Because the generator set only rotates when it is working, the ESC has a fast response speed, and the work is particularly stable. The output voltage and frequency of the generator have high accuracy and small fluctuations. When the load is suddenly increased by 50% and 75%, the operation of the generator is very stable. The electrical performance index is better than diesel generator set.

2. Good startup performance and high startup success rate

The time from a successful cold start to full load is only 30 seconds, while the international regulations stipulate that diesel generators will carry a load 3 minutes after a successful start. The gas turbine generator set can guarantee the success rate of startup under any ambient temperature and climate.

3. Low noise and small vibration

Because the gas turbine is in a high-speed rotation state, its vibration is very small, and the low-frequency noise is better than that of a diesel generator set.

4. The combustible gas used is clean and cheap energy

Such as: gas, platycodon, biogas, etc. The generator set using them as fuel is not only reliable in operation, low in cost, but also can turn waste into treasure without causing pollution

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