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The-Word-Doctor is a Writer's Aid designed for: Teachers, Students, Readers and Writers of all ages.

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Get motivated to reach your writing goals with some interesting writing features exclusive only to The-Word-Doctor. You'll get Inspired to Create & Analyze fresh & engaging new content you wouldn't dream you could!

The-Word-Doctor allows you to peek between lines of meaning, reach your writing goals, and gain access to new levels of understanding. All of this is made possible, using features exclusive only to The-Word-Doctor.

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-"The document and writing analysis tools are interesting, and more than enough to justify the download. Give it a try."

-The Software Crew

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-"Word Doctor is an unusual tool for creating, editing and analyzing written content."


-"Word Doctor is undoubtedly an awesome tool."


-"At first glance, the program looks like a very simple text editor. But dont be fooled, its so much more."

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